by Marina Orchestra

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Marina Orchestra's second album "Oceans".


released February 7, 2014

Oceans by Marina Orchestra

All songs written by Justin Powers
Arranged and performed by Marina Orchestra
Recorded and mixed by Scott Minor and Carey Balch at Wild Chorus in Knoxville, TN
Mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago

Oceans performed by: Justin Powers, Tim Eisinger, Alaina Smith, Rachel Gurley, Josh Duncan, Jason Campbell, Alex Stevens and Nick Swafford.
With live performances including Brad Duncan.

Artwork by Katie Ries
Inside photo by Russell Waddell
Cover photo by Justin Powers

Thanks again to our family, friends, fans and kickstarter supporters. Without you there’d be no laughing and dancing.

copyright 2014
Booking: MarinaOrchestra@gmail.com



all rights reserved


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Marina Orchestra New Orleans, Louisiana

Marina Orchestra from New Orleans plays an "infectious, highly danceable indie-pop take on African, Caribbean, and Latin American musical styles".

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Track Name: Lost Chorus
Everybody's hewn by the day
But there's a light when the sun goes away
Everybody in good company
That is all that we’ll ever need

It’s true we've got
a lot of good fortune here with us
the way the moonlight comforts us
we go along we take it with us

Everybody moves like the waves
Ringing in another day
We'll make it back by and by
Another sun below the eastern sky

There's too much to ever know
So I accept that I can be wrong
I'm just one of these people
Trying to get along

There is peace tonight I swear
Its pouring down on us
Take it everywhere
Take this lost chorus
Track Name: The Laughing Song
All day, all night

Ah ha ha
When you’re laughing I’m laughing
Ah ha ha
When you’re smiling I’m smiling

Laughing everyday
I’m laughing all the way
When I see you, I love to
See you laughing everyday

Gettin' down on the front veranda
Spinnin' round like an old victrola

Wanna take it downtown
Wanna hear the sound
Gimmie soca
Gimmie rhumba
Get me up from off the ground

Swing me out then pull me back
To another song at the discotheque

Wanna take it outta town
And dance the world around
Gimmie salsa
Gimmie cha-cha
Get me up from off the ground
Track Name: Mississippi
One Mississippi
Two Mississippi
Three Mississippi
Up and down and/ Down the line and

You can try to take me out
Drag me out of muddy waters
But I won't go
I am the one in the dark always thinking
Through all the thoughts that keep me from living
I’m the one, I'm the one,
I'm the one who wants to take the plunge (and I say)
Oh my God

I become again!

Every beginning
Starts with an end and works it’s way into lore
What am i waiting for?
I didn’t used to do a lot things
I didn’t used to be anything at all

but every wise man comes from
Seeing the end
Every wise man comes from
Starting over and over and over again
Track Name: Waterworld
I know you’ve got my back
I’ve got my pretty little friends
With my pretty little life

All the people who know
About the world outside
Drinking tiny little drinks
Out of tiny little cups

Lets give up, everything is broken
Lets give up, and have a good time/ and have a nice life/ and have a knight life

Now I’m stepping on toes
With my head against the wall
Tying all my shoes
Untying all my knots

I’m touching fresh fruit
It's living in my hand
I wonder what that means
I wonder all the time
Track Name: Jelly Hammer
Walk out of my heels
So many city mile
I jump out of my skin when I hear
Jack Hammer!

Jump into my skin
Jump into my bones
don't leave me lyin' here- I want that
Jill Hammer!

Whisper in my ear
My ear is on the road
I just want a Jill to
Rock N' Roll!

Don't deny me
Track Name: Oh Baby
This evening there is light in everything
Now I see that you're the brightest thing I've ever seen
Don't you ever go and stop to check your style
The light is in your smile

The world is packed into this little room
But the band is playing just for me and you

Oh baby oh
Oh baby take my hand and let me lead

Making eyes was good enough for the last tune
Now you couldn't be by my side too soon

You move just like a dream here in my arms
How you've gone and wooed me with your charms
Track Name: I'll Send For You (Two Oceans)
Where two oceans meet
Thats where I’ll be headed

The man from Dahomey
Is shaking up old Accra city
Yeah he's shaking up old Accra city

And I grow into my own
It's not too late to make it happen
Who said that it's too late to make it happen?

And it comes back to me
The rain starts to fall

A wash of sun comes down
And the rain all in a deluge
Come and take me off my feet
And the rain in all a deluge

I can taste the green and gold
Of these waterfalls forgotten
They come flooding up the track
They come flooding

I’ll send for you

Bring me back up
Heat is rising over
Track Name: Wide Windows
Won't you walk over my way girl?
Come and step of the shore
Let these waters take us in
Like we've done before

And when you dive
you looks so alive
under starlight

yeah, when you dive
you look so alive
under moonlight

and I'll hold you tight
and sleep with the windows wide

Kiss me darlin'
Take me out for the night
I will sing my song
If you sing your song to me

As we dance hold me tight
And sleep with the windows wide
Track Name: River in the Night
River in the night
Where did you come from?

And memories like tides
Where are we going to?

I had a dream
Of where you started from
And now I'm carried down stream
By that sweet summer song
We once sang on

There we lie
Like no time has gone
And in the heat of July
I'm back in those arms
All night long
Track Name: Body Language
Stay for one more song dear
Cuz there's no dancing when you're dead
Watching you when you move
You're never wrong hey hey

And how the nights so young dear
So much is left unsaid
I'm right here i'm all ears
Let me read your body language

No time to let up
No time to let down
In this courtyard we're forever
Lights in the wind
With the rhythm section
Time in time with that ever beating heart

And the world turns over
From under canopy
With all we make we awake
In a shadow of the sea

And with a tender whisper
Of movement is all you'd said
Another go take it slow
Let me read your body language

When you're coming up high
And i swing down low
Now i know that's it!
You tell me in time
Won't you tell me in time

People worry about money and style
Never stopping to wear a smile
Oh it's all right here waiting

All this noise to make ups and downs
When will you stop to live it out?
oooh its all in an evening

No time to let up
No time to let down
In this courtyard we're forever
Lights in the wind
With the rhythm section
On the seaside we're forever
When we're rockin in time
We'll be rockin' away
And this evening lasts forever
Like the way the waves come
And the way the waves go
Time in time with that ever beating heart

Tell me with your body language